Individuals and families plan for present and future life outcomes that take into account all facets of life experiences that build self- determination, social capital, economic sufficiency, and community inclusion. We believe that there is more to supporting people with disabilities than just health and safety; which has been the main focus of services and supports for quite some time. Our conversations need to change to talk about life outcomes. Are they going to have a job? Who will love them? Who is going to be there for them when I no longer can?



Life Outcomes


We proudly provide support coordination services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are enrolled in DDD. Support coordinators will utilize a person-centered planning process to identify outcomes, planning goals, support needs, and develop and maintain Individualized Service Plans.

Our support coordinators provide personalized guidance to connect each individual to services that best meet their needs, preferences, and goals. They will conduct ongoing monitoring of all services included in the Individualized Service Plan.





Partnership for Successful Living is a nonprofit organization created by Parents of an adult child with a developmental disability.  Partnership For Successful Living was formed with first hand experience of the daily struggles of finding opportunities, knowledge, and overall support through a lifetime.

Our mission is to create solutions together with individuals and their families. We strive to offer great support, knowledge, and partnership with the community. We assist in facilitating desired changes and enhancing the ability of individuals with developmental disabilities to live and thrive in their community.

Partnership For Successful Living services all counties throughout New Jersey.